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Giveaway Update!

It's almost time to battle!

We are now three days away from the the first giveaway I've ever hosted. I've decided to treat this like a Pokémon battle.

That's right! There will be three phases (elimination, consolidation, declaration).

The elimination phase is the first of the three. During the elimination phase, 12 Pokémon cards will be selected out of the total number of cards. Cards will equal the number of members. Unselected members will be eliminated. Selected members will be given a Pokémon trainer to battle with.

The consolidation phase is the second of the three. During the consolidation phase, I will roll two die and assign a number 2-12 to a members Pokémon trainer. The first 6 members chosen move onto the next round and are given a Pokemon to battle with. The Member assigned number 1 is automatically selected. Unchosen members are eliminated.

The declaration phase is the last of the three. During the declaration phase, members will be assigned a number 1-6. I will then roll a die and every time a members number comes up, their Pokémon gains one energy. The first trainer whose Pokémon collects three energies, attacks the enemies Pokémon and wins.

Congrats to whoever wins and I wish you all the best of luck! Since there are 2 giveaways, there will be two Pokemon battles. I'm hosting a livestream on TikTok at 6 p.m. Saturday for anyone that wants to join. I'll post the winners after.

That is all.

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