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Giveaway's, Hidden Gem and Fried Bacon

I'd like to first thank everyone that has become a member! You're all the day ones and will witness this site grow into something more than just a place to purchase artwork.

Giveaway's start next week and as a member of you're all entered in. These will be held twice a month until further notice. I'm thinking Friday or Saturday. Feel free to add any suggestions for the day. As the site grows, so will the giveaways. Lets see how this goes!

Hidden gem time! Below is some digital artwork I'm working on. I've only posted this here and wont post it anywhere else. More site exclusive content is on the way!

This piece is inspired by the character Fumikage Tokoyami from the anime My Hero Academia. If you haven't had a chance to check out the anime, I highly recommend it!

Here's what the reference photo looks like that I'm using.

I'm not expecting anything amazing so, just saying...Lol

In other news, I deep fried me some bacon every day, for the past four days. Damn! Talk about delicious! I'm gonna be ok thought, right?

That is all. Until next time...

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