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Boxes Building Body (Art Tutorial)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Today we’re going to look at building the body, using boxes to help us with the form. Think of this as one tool in your arsenal, displaying a graph that causes you to navigate with improved accuracy. This will help you with learning how to draw.

The Image above shows two boxes. The box on the top is where the head will go. The box on the bottom is where the chest will go.

Notice in the above image how far apart the boxes are. The area separating them is where the neck will go. Be careful not to have too much space here, or else your neck will be longer than normal. Notice how far wide the bottom box is compared to the top. Making this part wider will cause the chest to stretch and look abnormal.

The image above shows the last five boxes we’ll be adding. The box on top of the legs and starting the lower half of the body is where the pelvis is located. The other four boxes make up the upper and lower parts of the legs.

Notice in the above image the space between the chest and pelvis region. Look at how the top part of the upper legs come into the pelvis, overlapping it. There is also space between the upper and lower parts of the legs. This is where the knees would be located. Keying in on subtle things like this will help with proportions and a slew of other things.

Two key areas I’d like to point out is where the arms bend and where the fingers end. The arms start to bend at the area between the chest and the pelvis. The fingers end about halfway down the upper legs.

Now it’s time to draw the body. The image above gives you an example of what a body would look like, based off the boxes drawn earlier.

Use this info as a guide to help you improve drawing the body. I’d highly recommend going further and creating a character using this pose. Redrawing this pose and creating different character heights is another good idea.

Here's the link to Pinterest, where I saw this tutorial. Check out the tutorials on there because they're very helpful. You'll be surprised at how much you can learn from Pinterest.

Here's a link to the TikTok vid I did relating to this.

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